Reader Question: Should I Start Blogging for My Small Business?

reader question

Reader: My website design work started a year ago as something of a hobby, but it has been going strong now and I’m considering going full-time. As I’ve been investigating steps I need to take to make it my primary business and income-earner, one of the things that came up was that I should have a blog on my website. I’m not much of a writer. I am also skeptical about blogs helping business growth….

Weekly News Roundup – September 6, 2013

weekly news roundup self employment

This week’s theme is business planning. Whether you’re a one-person venture or you own a business, it is likely that you created such a plan at some point. You probably also know that the plan needs to be a living, ongoing document – updated and reviewed regularly. The links below include some useful resources. And, for our Inspiration section, we find it in unlikely places this time – 9 very young entrepreneurs who can teach the rest of us a thing or two and the author, Sherman Alexie.